At FIU, a STARS participating school, we aim to adapt STARS principles in terms of encouraging future service within communities by actively getting involved with communities currently and leaving a remarkable impression through STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

STARS principles consist of but are not limited to, engaging in excellence, leadership, civic engagement and service, and community and outreach. These computing identities help individuals with building competence, confidence, and interest in computing, encouraging teamwork in order to achieve successful results, assisting in overall people-to-people interaction, and providing professional and social opportunities through mentorship and community building.

The STARS Mission (FIU Style)

Here in Miami, there’s a lot of cultures to be shared. Nevertheless, the STARS mission is captivating and we want to further that goal in whichever way we can. We aim to encourage and inspire individuals in (or considering getting involved in) the computing field in the hope that they can find joy in the process of learning and growing.

STARS Mentoring

We offer mentorship opportunities for our members in search of learning and guidance in regards to their respective computing professions. Our mentors consist of individuals that are passionate about helping others find their path.

If you are curious to see how our mentors can help you advance towards your goals, please visit our Mentors page for more information.

STARS Members

One word to describe being a STARS member is “opportunity”. Our members can take full advantage of our tutoring and mentoring services, while also receiving notifications about STARS events in advance. We love to see members getting actively involved, and we hope that one day those active members will pass down inspiring practices to the members that join after them.

To Join STARS If you are interested in becoming a STARS member, please visit our New Members page.
If you would like to attend an upcoming STARS event in the near future, please visit our Events page.