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Our mentorship program aims to connect members with inspiring industry-trained professionals and student mentors. Through this experience, members can learn the skills necessary to excel with their interest in computing, lead in professional and team oriented practices, engage in essential social practices, and reach out in order to build communities.

Through these mentorship services, students trying to find a path can now be guided in the direction they desire with the appropriate support and traning to travel that route to its fullest. Our mentors seek to help members achieve overall success in a profession, which constitutes a mixture of job fulfillment and efficient progress through best practices.

We believe in ongoing and interactive mentorship with industry leaders, passionate people that drive the computing field further everyday, awe-inspiring students on a mission, and anyone with the will to passionately learn.

The program can also, in instances, extend to high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in order to encourage young and uncertain students to potentially pursue fulfilling careers in STEM fields.